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A holistic way to impress your customers.

Creating premium scenting environment or scent oil that echo “calm autumn air”. Developing customized fragrance for shampoo that leaves hair smelling clean and fresh. Giving after shave lotion or mouth wash a long lasting smell and taste that stay on and on ….


The process for putting the smell that sells into thousands of consumer products is much like composing a symphony, according to maestro fragrance designer Michael Papas, who spoke in Boston at the 240th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society (ACS).


This is the motivation and driving force for the creation of NanoScents ™ range of products. The successful development of NanoScents ™ in Singapore is after several years of R&D with many on site trials in differing environment and conditions.


NanoScents ™ strives to deliver long lasting scents via our proprietary patented nano scenting system that will form part of what has been called ‘nasal nostalgia’, bringing back long-forgotten memories of pleasant experiences for people to enjoy once again. We strive to connect with an emotion that makes you or your consumers feel good and could be perhaps a little nostalgic just like Ratatouille, which is about a rat, Remy, who dreams of becoming a gourmet chef. In one scene, Remy impresses a prominent food critic with a delicate, but plain, meal that evokes fond memories of his childhood. “It was a very simple meal, but it dealt with emotion,” Papas said. “It’s the same with scent”


Emulating Ratatouille simple yet long lasting emotional resonance, NanoScents™ have successfully delivered such nostalgic feelings via sensory experience to homes and various industries globally covering hospitality, retail, healthcare, entertainment, F&B, etc. Our patented systems help both individuals and company either to communicate their brands uniquely or create memorable experiences. We empower our clients and individual to sculpt their own customized environment, completing their customers experience by engaging long lasting memory and emotions through the all-pervasive nature of smells.

Nanoscents premium scenting
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